Independent Education Evaluations

Here at Lynn’s Speech Therapy Center we offer independent evaluations for mediation and adjudication cases.

Sometimes the parent of a child is faced with the difficult process of securing the services of a lawyer to fight for appropriate and fair school-based services for their child.  Other times it is the school that needs to secure those services to demonstrate that they have provided fair and appropriate services for a child.

We provide independent, unbiased evaluations.  We are always evaluating the child and that child’s individual needs, skill sets and deficits.  We look fairly at the child and not the situation surrounding the disagreement which is often contentious.  Our rates are competitive with industry standard and our turnaround time for reports is 48 hours.

We work in conjunction with the Capable Kids Pediatric Therapy Center to offer a reduced rate when evaluation by two or more disciplines is required for one client. So if you needed, for example, an Occupational Therapy evaluation and a Speech Therapy evaluation you could come to our center and receive both at a discounted rate (see below).

With our combined 35 years of experience in this field, we strongly believe that we can offer your clients the most comprehensive evaluations in the least amount of time. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss the above listed services. Please feel free to contact us at the numbers listed below.

 Fee Schedule 

Single Discipline Evaluation $800
Two or more Disciplines $600 per discipline

That’s a $400 to $600 savings when using two or three disciplines! Call today to schedule an evaluation:
Lynn’s Speech Therapy Center 732-761-8400
Capable Kids Pediatric Therapy Center 732-308-9900


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Having Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy available under the same roof gives us the ability to schedule co-treatments or back-to-back appointments for your convenience. Follow the link below to view the wonderfully skilled therapies available at Capable Kids and schedule an appointment today!
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